Applebee's Customer Writes "Stop Eating B*tch" on Receipt to Insult Overweight Waitress


An Applebee’s customer insulted an overweight waitress on Sunday night by writing on the receipt: “Stop eating, b*tch!”

The unidentified customer ordered $30 worth of food and paid with a Visa card at the Edison, New Jersey restaurant, reports

The customer left zeros in the tip line and wrote the insult in capital letters for the waitress, who is identified on the receipt as 'Arielle B.'

A friend of the waitress posted a photo of the receipt and the headline 'My (overweight) friend got this as a tip' on, where it drew hundreds of responses.

A manager at the Applebee’s, who identified himself only as 'Rohan,' told “Everything is being forwarded to the corporate office. These things don’t come up that often, but when they do, corporate looks into it.”

Applebee’s spokesman Dan Smith said: "It's unfortunate, but Applebee's has hundreds of thousands of great guest interactions every day. We'll focus on that instead."


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