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Apple Unveils New iPad, Complete with 4G

Apple unveiled its new iPad on Wednesday to the panting masses, and the gadget will likely not disappoint.

CEO Tim Cook presided over the event in San Francisco, his first since the death of legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs. Cook announced that the new tablet would indeed come equipped with 4G LTE, which is 10 times faster than the previous 3G service. The 4G tablet costs more than the Wi-Fi-only device and requires a monthly fee to a cell phone provider.

The iPad also has an improved five-megapixel rear camera and an enhanced "retina display" screen that will be able to show web pages and videos much more clearly and with more detail. Such screens were only previously available on iPhones.

These features have been rumored for months, but the rumored names (iPad 3, iPad HD) were not true -- the device is simply called iPad.

The pricing structure remains the same -- it starts at $499 and goes up from there, depending on how much memory you want, or if you want the 4G tablet.

The new iPad hits Apple stores on March 16, so get on line now.


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