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Apple's Most Animal-Friendly Apps for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

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When it comes to all things animal-friendly, as they say, "There's an app for that." PETA's new "Be Nice to Bunnies" iPhone app featuring sexy Stephanie Pratt is the essential guide for cruelty-free shoppers. And there are oodles of other apps out there to help us with everything from finding a tasty vegan meal on the road to picking the perfect dog park. So after downloading Pratt's buntastic app, check out PETA's favorite animal-friendly apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Happy apping!

  • Animal Free (Free!): This app decodes those unpronounceable ingredients on product labels to show what's vegan and what's not.
  • Animal Kill Counter (Free!): This app keeps an ongoing tally of the number of chickens, cows, ducks, pigs, rabbits, and other animals who are slaughtered for food—a great way to show nonvegan friends and family the impact of what they choose to put on their plates.
  • Barnivore (Free!): Sure to put you in good spirits, this app lists the many vegan beers, wines, and liquors that are available.
  • Cat Piano ($0.99): Have endless fun tapping out your favorite tunes in the voices of three different kitties—your cat might even sing along!
  • Food Additives ($3.99): This app gives the dirt on more than 450 food additives, including whether they are vegan and any allergies they might cause.
  • Hey Walkies (Free!): This app shows all the best dog parks where you can strut your mutt in New York City.
  • iLocate—Vegan Restaurants ($0.99): This app pinpoints vegan vittles anywhere.
  • iQuarium ($0.99, Free version also available): Much kinder than imprisoning real fish in tanks, this app features a mesmerizing virtual parrot cichlid whom you can feed, play with, or just watch.
  • Kit Tox Pet Toxicity Reference (Free!): This app lists more than 250 common items that are toxic to cats and dogs.
  • Pet Age Calculator (Free!): Calculate how old your dog or cat is in "human years" and upload his or her picture and microchip info.
  • PetFinder (Free!): This app features more than 290,000 adoptable animals from animal shelters and rescue groups nationwide to help you find the perfect cat or dog. Saving a life has never been so easy!
  • Pet First Aid: for Your Dog, Cat, Puppy, or Kitten ($3.99): This app shows you how to help your beloved companion in the crucial first minutes of an emergency and also stores medical information for all your animals.
  • Pet Services Finder (Free!): This app fetches info on the nearest veterinarians, emergency clinics, dog parks, animal-friendly hotels, and more for any location and features ratings and reviews.
  • Plants vs. Zombies ($2.99): Battle "a mob of fun-loving zombies" using 49 "powerful perennials"—we couldn't make this stuff up!
  • The Vegan Soundboard (Free!): This app literally speaks for itself with clever quips for just about any vegan situation.
  • VeganSteven (Free!): This handy-dandy app locates vegan eateries near you.
  • VeganXpress Menu and Shopping Assistance ($1.99): This is an essential on-the-go guide to vegan eats at popular chain restaurants and fast-food joints.
  • Vegan Yum Yum (Free!): Access tons of favorite recipes from the award-winning food blog
  • Vegetarian Blog Reader ($1.99): Connect to the freshest vegetarian news via the best blogs around.
  • Vegetarian Cookbook ($0.99): This app is packed with tempting vegan recipes to please every palate, including American, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, and Thai dishes.
  • Vegetarian SmartList 29 ($9.99): This app gives the 411 on the vegan-ness of more than 4,577 products, including foods, medications, personal-care items, cleaning supplies, and more.
  • Veg EZ ($2.99): This app features step-by-step instructions for making 50 of chef Toni Fiore's tastiest vegan recipes (with companion video podcasts for most of them, for all you visual learners out there).
  • Veggie Passport ($0.99): Indispensible for traveling abroad, this handy translator shows how to request a cruelty-free meal in 33 languages!
  • VegOut Vegetarian Restaurant Guide ($2.99): Powered by, this app uses the iPhone's GPS to home in on nearby restaurants that serve vegan food.

Posted by Lindsay Pollard-Post


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