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Apple iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and Budget iPhone All on the Horizon?

Numerous media outlets are suggesting that Apple will release two new versions of the iPhone as early as August. One is the new and improved iPhone 5S, replacing the iPhone 5 that came out in September. The other would be a low-cost version of the iPhone designed for consumers who can’t afford the standard iPhone. The low-cost version is rumored to be made from plastic and with a price tag of about $330.

Industry analysts recently claimed that consumers who want and can afford an iPhone already have one and that Apple should consider making products for consumers with smaller budgets. The iPhone can cost over $800 without a contract, according to Forbes.

According to reports, the iPhone 5S will not be significantly different from the iPhone 5. On the other hand, the budget iPhone could be made of polycarbonate instead of aluminum and have a 4.5-inch display rather than the usual 4-inch.

Rumors that the iPhone 6 will also be released in 2013 suggest that Apple will have it out in time for the holidays.

Source: NY Daily News


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