Convicted Murderer Allegedly Sexually Assaults Woman


Authorities arrested a convicted murderer for grinding on a woman on a New York subway March 2.

Forty-eight-year-old Phillip Smalls, who had already spent 25 years in prison on second-degree murder charges, reportedly repeatedly rubbed his groin against a 22-year-old woman, the New York Post reports.

“I turned sideways and he pushed harder to the point that I was bending over,” the woman told police. “He started with the motion of the train, then progressively got worse.”

“She was shaken up, she knew what was happening,” NYPD Transit Chief Joseph Fox said of the victim, reports the New York Daily News. “There was no place for her to move.”

Luckily, police - already suspicious of Smalls’ strange behavior that day - followed him as he walked over to the woman hidden in a crowded part of the train.

“This is one of our best teams. This is a very active unit,” Fox explained.

“Their posture changes while they’re doing what they’re doing,” he added. “They see this guy. They can tell by his mannerisms that he’s fitting this profile the way he’s acting.”

Smalls is now being charged with forcible touching and sexual abuse.

Smalls' loved ones, however, are arguing against the accusations being held against him.

“He’s been doing so good, he hasn’t been in any trouble,” his mother-in-law Victoria Moss said. “I don’t believe it was him. He’s scared of women. He was away so long, he avoids women.”

Smalls has been on parole since 2013 after he was released from jail upon being convicted of manslaughter in the fatal 1986 shooting of Ronald Brooks.

The case is just the latest of many sexual assaults on trains. The most famous and recent one taking place in Germany in January 2016.

About 170 Germans reported being sexually assaulted by groups of men on New Year’s Eve 2015, the Huffington Post reports. There were at least two allegations of rape.

"Women, accompanied or not, literally ran a 'gauntlet' through masses of heavily intoxicated men that words cannot describe," said a report on the incident. “Security forces were unable to get all of the incidents, assaults, crimes, etc. under control. There were simply too many happening at the same time."

Sources: New York Post, New York Daily NewsThe Huffington Post / Photo credit: Wikipedia

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