Apparent Murder-Suicide Leaves Five People, Two Dogs Dead In Phoenix


A Phoenix apartment complex was the scene of tragedy on Saturday as five people and two dogs were found shot to death. One of the five people is the suspected gunman.

Officers at the scene entered a home and found the bodies of two adult males, a female and a teenage boy. Two of the victims were located on the patio and two others were found inside. The bodies of two dogs were also discovered. All were pronounced dead at the scene, according to ABC15.

"When they got to the back patio area, they found two people who had been deceased from gunshot wounds. They went ahead and made an emergency entrance into the apartment and discovered two other victims inside," Thompson told KSAZ.

Thompson said officers entered a nearby second home and discovered the body of an individual believed to be the gunman. Police said the suspect, a man in his 50s, died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The suspect reportedly went to at least one other home, trying to shoot the residents inside.

"We woke up, somebody just banged on our door and they shot four rounds. I guess it was a shotgun, there's big old holes on my door," Libni Deleon said.

It remains unclear why the shootings took place and neighbors say the suspect was quiet and usually kept to himself.

"I've seen him every morning--come in quiet every morning. I've waved to him from that blue gate two or three times a week. Never would expect him to be the guy would did this at all," Donald McKenzie said.

Sources: KSAZ, ABC15


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