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AP's Top 10 News Stories of 2010

The Associated Press on Sunday revealed the top ten news stories of 2010, as voted by editors and news directors of the nation's news organizations. The winner was the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, receiving 54 first-place votes out of 180 ballots cast. The health care bill was second with 30 first-place votes.

Here is the full list:

1) Gulf oil disaster

11 workers were killed when the BP oil rig exploded on April 20th. Until the slow of oil was finally capped months later, 170 million gallons of oil spilled in the Gulf.

2) Health care overhaul

After a drawn out political battle, President Obama was able to sign into law one of his major campaign promises -- a $1 trillion health care overhaul intended to expand coverage to more Americans. The incoming Republican House has vowed t0 overturn the law, so the battle may not be over.

3) Midterm elections

The Republicans took control of the House in what President Obama called a "shellacking." Democrats also lost seats in the Senate but were able to keep control, guaranteeing two years of political gridlock in Washington. 

4) U.S. economy

The top story of last year, economists say the recession is over. While the stock market bounced back, unemployment remains above 9% percent, and home prices remained relatively stagnant while foreclosures continued.

5) Haiti earthquake

The January 12th earthquake in Haiti left some 230,000 people dead and left millions more homeless. Nearly a year later, the recovery is slow, and people are still suffering.

6) Tea Party movement

The Tea Party movement came of age in 2010, having a profound impact on the elections, shaking up the GOP establishment in the primaries, and taking seats in the House and Senate.

7) Chile mine rescue

33 Chilean miners spent 69 days underground after their mine collapsed on August 5th. Their one-by-one emergence from their underground home was must-see TV in October.

8) Iraq

After seven years, U.S. forces formally ended their combat role and looked ahead to planned withdrawal.

9) WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks made headlines several times in 2010, releasing a huge batch of U.S. military documents from Iraq and Afghanistan, then the most recent leak of classified State Department diplomatic cables. Founder Julian Assange is currently out on bail after being arrested on rape allegations.

10) Afghanistan

After months of deliberation, President Obama ordered a troop surge in a major bid to turn the tide of the nearly 10-year-old war.


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