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Antwain Steward aka Twain Gotti Busted For Homicide Because Of Own Rap Lyrics

Virginia police were able to use lyrics in a rap song to help them charge a Newport News man with killing two people back in 2007. Antwain Steward, 22, is a local rapper who goes by the rap name Twain Gotti. He has been hit with two counts of murder, malicious wounding and firearms charges in the deaths of Brian Dean, 20, and Christopher Horton, 16.

According to an affidavit for a search warrant that was filed in Newport News Circuit Court, Steward referenced the killings in one of his songs.

This is an excerpt from the song:

"Everybody saw when I [expletive] choked him. But nobody saw when I [expletive] smoked him, roped him, sharpened up the shank then I poked him…had me crackin up so I joked him, it is betweezy six feet ova, told ya [expletive] with my money I'll roast ya."

Steward was 16 at the time of the homicides. It is believed that the shootings were gang-related, The Daily Press reported. Police say that a video of the song where Steward references the killings is no longer available for viewing on YouTube.

After the shootings, police initially had no suspects and no leads. Progress started to be made when the case was reassigned to robbery detective C. Nunez in November 2011 as part a department program where cold-case homicides are re-assigned to detectives from other departments.

Steward is in Newport News City Jail without bond. He is scheduled to appear in court in early October.

Sources: The Daily Press, The Inquisitr


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