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Antonio Barbeau, 14, Says He and Friend Killed Great-Grandmother with Hatchet (Video)

Antonio Barbeau, 14, testified in court this week that he and his friend, Nathan Paape, took turns hitting his great-grandmother Barbara Olson, 78, with a hatchet and a hammer so they could kill her and steal her money (video below).

Barbeau (pictured) was testifying in the trial of Paape, who has pleaded not guilty to the murder in Sheboygan, Wis., in September 2012.

The teen claims that he and Paape asked Barbeau's mother for a ride to "a friend's house" but then walked two miles to Olsen's home, reported the Shaboygan Press.

"We were going to try to scare her to get money and use force if needed," Barbeau said, who has already been convicted. "An attack, I guess to kill."

Olsen invited the teens into her home, but when she turned her back to call Barbeau's mother, Barbeau hit her in the head with the hatchet.

Barbeau ran to the bathroom because he was feeling sick. When Barbeau returned, he claims to have seen Paape hit Olsen with a hammer multiple times.

"She was still yelling when I went to the bathroom, but had stopped when I returned," Barbeau said, who then admitted to hitting Olsen with the hatchet again.

Barbeau said Paape then took the hatchet and hit her once or twice.

However, Paape claimed Barbeau planned the robbery and murder. Paape said he only hit Olson twice with a hammer because he feared Barbeau would turn on him.

Paape has pleaded not guilty, but if convicted, he faces life in prison.

The teens allegedly stole several items, including a purse, change and jewelry. They dragged Olsen's dead body outside and tried to stuff it in her car but were unable to do so.

They reportedly stole Olson's car and left the vehicle in the parking lot of a bowling alley. They walked to a nearby restaurant and ate a pizza.

According to court papers, the teens returned to the car, tried to wipe off fingerprints and left some stolen money in plain sight along with the car keys in hopes that someone would steal the car.

Olsen’s body was discovered in her driveway. Twelve hours later, the teens were arrested.

Source: Shaboygan Press


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