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Antonin Scalia's Son, Paul Scalia, Believes Homosexuality Does Not Exist

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Son of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and Roman Catholic priest Paul Scalia, who has become increasingly known for his disbelief in homosexuality, is scheduled to speak at a summit for anti-gay group Courage on the topic near the end of the month.

According to its website, Courage is a group that ministers to people with same-sex attractions and focuses on chastity as a “solution”.

While the younger Scalia has long been overshadowed by his father, his opinions on same-sex attraction have begun to attract attention. A main tenant of Scalia’s belief is that labels like “gay” or “homosexual” only serve to further notions of sexuality that do not exist.

“Either our sexuality is oriented in a certain direction (i.e. toward the one-flesh union of marriage), or it is not,” Scalia wrote. “We cannot speak of more than one sexual 'orientation' any more than we can think of the sun rising in more than one place (i.e. the orient)."

Scalia believes the issue of vocabulary is especially sensitive in high schools, where extracurricular groups champion tolerance of homosexuality and encourage identifying various sexual orientations.

The solution, according to Scalia, is to dismiss labels altogether.

“In short, we should not predicate 'homosexual' of any person,” he said. “That does a disservice to the dignity of the human person by collapsing personhood into sexual inclinations.”

Scalia has also posited in two separate publications that homosexuality is a modern phenomenon, though a basic history lesson would prove him incorrect.

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