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Antifa Burns Flag, Cops Step In (Photo)

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After Antifa demonstrators burned an American flag during a protest in Pennsylvania, police officers stepped in to give it a proper disposal.

Upon finding the burnt flag on the ground, SEPTA Transit Police Chief Thomas J. Nestel III says the unidentified police officers quickly gathered whatever was left, reports The Blaze

"The burned flag left on the ground by Antifa received a crisp salute from @PhillyPolice Officer who then collected the remains for proper disposal," Nestel tweeted, alongside a photo of the tattered flag in a plastic bag.

"The burning of the flag had nothing to do with the [Women's March]," he wrote on Twitter.

Many heaped praise upon the police officers for the disposal.

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"CONGRATULATIONS to the Philly Police!!!" tweeted one person in response. "Showing such disrespect for the flag should be cause for arrest... Glad our Police officer showed such respect and honor for #1 symbol of our Great country."

"Great job!" added another. "Only thing I would have done different is arrested them for burning on a public street with no permit. But that’s our statutes down here.  You might not have that up there. #Respect for your Officer!"

"The police officer did the right thing," one person wrote in The Blaze's comments section. "He didn’t try to arrest the flag burners since he knew they had the right to do their obnoxious act. He made sure no laws were broken and disposed of the burned flag. Good job officer."

It's not the first time police officers have gone out of their way to save the American flag.

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During Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Texas and Georgia police officers saved multiple flags from being destroyed.

Georgia SWAT medic Joseph Schiavo, 42, and his colleagues rushed to save a fallen American flag after finding it on the ground, ABC News reports.

"I just thought at the moment that it would be a disgrace to let that lay on the ground," Schiavo said, noting that his colleagues felt the same way.

"It felt like an honorable thing to do," he added. "To me personally it just represented every first responder."

There is dash cam footage of him picking the flag up that is being featured on several news outlet sites. 

Texas Officer Jack McCarthy also braved Hurricane Harvey's winds to rescue the flag.

"While some dishonor and desecrate her, APPD Ofc. Jack McCarthy will stop at nothing to honor and save her. #GodBlessAmerica #HurricaneHarvey," the Aransas Pass Police Department'sFacebook post read.

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