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Anti-War Protester Emily Yates Arrested for Playing Banjo in Park (Video)

Activist Emily Yates was arrested on Friday for apparently playing her banjo on Independence Mall in Philadelphia to protest against possible U.S. military action in Syria.

In a video (below), Yates and the Federal Parks Police go back and forth about why she could not stand in a shaded area.

When Yates turned her back, police officers bent the peaceful protester over a bench and handcuffed her.

It's not clear what law, if any, Yates was violating.

"We live in a f------ police state! They’re damaging my body and my personal property! I went to war for this country! Stop manhandling me!" yelled Yates, who may be an U.S. veteran.

"Stop resisting," yelled back a police officer (video below).

Several bystanders recorded the arrest and yelled obscenities at the officers while Yates screamed.



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