Anti-Transgender Author: ‘We Have To Be Tough With The Mentally Ill’ (Audio)


Anti-LGBT activist Dale O’Leary appeared on a radio show this week claiming that transgender people have an unhealthy attachment to their mothers and are pathological narcissists.

O’Leary told “Sandy Rios in the Morning” that transgender women lack “masculine” authority in childhood and envy the femininity of their mothers.

“These people covet something that they don’t have and can never get,” she said.

Rios agreed, calling gender reassignment a self-centered act that ignores the needs of families and children.

“You know,” O’Leary said, “when a person sacrifices everything for a fantasy this is pathological narcissism.

“And what putting gender identity and expression in the law is—is saying ‘We’re all going to go along with pathological narcissism,'" she added. "Instead of saying to these people ‘No you can’t be a woman…it’s written in your DNA.'"

“You know, we have to be tough with the mentally ill," she added.

She called the New Jersey law banning gay conversation therapy “child abuse.”

“Not giving these children therapy, when they are so clearly symptomatic and have so many problems, aside from their gender identity disorder, this is child abuse,” she said. “These are adults who are conspiring with the parents to keep the child in a mental disorder that is only going to get worse and going to cause serious health problems.

In a 2009 article published by the Catholic Exchange, O’Leary wrote that transgender people “deceive themselves, deceive others, and are being deceived by mental health professionals and surgeons.”

She says transgender laws protect “deceivers” and victimize non-transgender people.

“Persons who present themselves in public as the other sex say they need such protections because they are afraid of violence,” she wrote. “This fear is real. When someone is deceived — particularly in such a personal matter has the sex of an intimate partner or potential spouse — anger is an understandable reaction. Violent acts can never be condoned, but if such legislation is passed those who have been deceived will be denied any legal recourse and the deceivers will be portrayed as victims.”

Sources: Right Wing Watch, Catholic Exchange

Image Credit: Ted Eytan


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