Anti-Israel Demonstrators Silenced By Spontaneous Pro-Israel Rally In New York City (Video)


Anti-Israel demonstrators allegedly targeted Jewish-owned businesses in New York City’s Diamond District on a “day of action” on July 25 to show support for Palestine.

The protesters chanted, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” and “Intifada!” calling for the destruction of Israel.

But they were silenced by local store owners and other members of the community, shouting even louder for Israel, with some breaking out into song. Chants of “Free, free Palestine!” were soon muted by shouts of “Is-ra-el! Is-ra-el!”

Investigative researcher and photojournalist Danielle Avel captured the whole encounter on video and posted it to YouTube. She claims some Jewish business owners closed shop for the day to rally for Israel.

“What happened in the Diamond District that day was totally unexpected and unlike anything I have ever witnessed,” Avel told The Christian Post. “All of those people who poured out onto the street to drown out the hateful protest messages did so in such a positive way, with chants and songs celebrating Israel, it was a wonderful experience to witness this. I am thankful to all of them for standing up for Western values and I am so grateful I was there to capture it.”

A pro-Palestinian protester tried to get another “Free, free Palestine” chant going at one point in the video, but was no match for the pro-Israeli demonstrators, who also shouted “Ha-mas ter-ror-ists!” and even showed support for the Israeli Defense Forces by chanting “IDF!”

Watch the video below:

Sources: TheBlazeThe Christian Post

Video via YouTube/Danielle Avel


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