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Anti-Islam Rally Turns Ugly In Phoenix (Video)

An anti-Islam rally held today in Phoenix, Arizona, was met by counter-demonstrators who held a "love rally."

The anti-Islam rally is part of a "Muhammad Cartoon Contest" that was scheduled to deliver mock drawings to a local mosque.

A reporter from ABC 15 showed video (below) of what she called brawls, but appeared to yelling and pushing matches, which got ugly at times.

"They slit people's throats in the name of their god!" an anti-Islam protester yelled through a megaphone, which brought a reply from a counter-protester, "Read a history book! Have you heard? Have you heard of people being killed in the name of Christianity?" noted

A profanity-filled video (below) of the dueling rallies was also uploaded to YouTube by an attendee.

ABC 15 is keeping a live blog of the protests, which features pictures of armed protesters and police trying to keep both sides separated.


Sources:, ABC 15, YouTube
Image ABC 15 Screenshot


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