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Anti-Gun Mayors Tell NRA "Go Jump in the Lake"

Apparently, National Rifle Association leaders thought they could bully the hundreds of mayors who have joined a coalition called Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

It looks like the bully brought a boomerang to a political gunfight.

The NRA sent postcards to its members around the country in typically hysterical fashion, calling the Mayors group every name but American. (Remember their literature last year against President Obama found to be “intentionally dishonest” and “pants on fire wrong” by PolitiFact? Same thing).

Yet America’s mayors, law enforcement officers and community voices — rather than ask the NRA how high they should jump — are telling NRA leaders to go jump in the lake.

Just a few recent examples:

-- Mayor Richard Ward, of Hurst, Texas: “You can be for the rights of law-abiding gun owners but also for common-sense policies to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.”

-- Mayor Pat Gerard of Largo, Florida: “I have no intention of quitting…. Certainly, I support people’s rights to own guns. I’d like to keep our police officers safe while keeping guns out of the hands of the bad guys.”

-- Mayor Robert Romano of Vineland, New Jersey: “The NRA is not being truthful. They view this organization as a threat. And now they want to dismantle us.”

-- Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Frank Pawlowski to Pennsylvania mayors: “As commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police, I want to thank you for stepping forth and speaking out concerning this important issue, and to pledge my support for your efforts as you advance an agenda for common-sense reforms to reduce access to illegal guns across Pennsylvania”

-- The Beaver County Times of Beaver, Pennsylvania: “Nobody in his right mind could oppose efforts to stem the flow of illegal guns into our communities, right? Well, we’ve never accused the National Rifle Association of being rational, have we?”

-- InForum of Fargo, North Dakota: “A hearty hallelujah! to Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker for telling the National Rifle Association to shove off.” Followed by this letter from a North Dakotan in agreement: “Anyway, hats off to Mayor Dennis Walaker. He has my support in standing up to the almighty NRA, which thinks it has power over everyone.”

-- The Republican of Springfield, Massachusetts: “The Republican has and will continue to support the rights of gun owners, but sometimes we wish the NRA would focus more on promoting marksmanship and gun safety instead of badgering small town mayors. We’ve been shooting a little high and right lately, and we could use the NRA’s help. But when it comes to politics, we can think for ourselves.”

-- Monica Yant Kinney of the Philadelphia Inquirer: “A funny thing happened amid all the fearmongering: Fourteen Pennsylvania mayors left the group, but 25 joined in spite of the pressure.”

The NRA, with no respect for local politics or sensibilities, seems to have barged their way into alienating a lot of people rather than changing minds.

NRA’s political bomb is looking more like a boomerang every day.

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