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Anti-Gun Groups Get More Funding

In Albany, New York, two anti-gun groups are regrouping after receiving funding from state and city governments, reports the Times Union.

SNUG is an anti-violence program, whose name is "guns" spelled backward. They speak with people who may be involved with gangs and try to convince them to give up their guns and violent ways.

SNUG, which is part of the Trinity Alliance, almost ran out of money until Albany city council members voted in November to match $150,000, which was granted from New York state.

Similarly, ENOUGH is an anti-violence program that urges people to trade in firearms for gift certificates.  ENOUGH places ads in newspapers and takes phone calls from people who want to turn in their firearms. 

The group is headed by Pastor Charlie Muller, who said donations from Albany police, district attorney's office and sheriff's office helped raise almost $70,000 to keep ENOUGH running after it ran short of cash.

ENOUGH was created after 10-year-old Kathina Thomas was killed by a stray bullet in West Hill, New York, and has removed about 420 guns from the streets.


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