Anti-Government ‘Freeman’ Shot, Killed by Deputies


Self-proclaimed “freeman” Israel Rondon was shot and killed this week by law enforcement authorities who tried to serve him with an arrest warrant at his home in Middleburgh Heights, Ohio.

Rondon, 65, had been convicted of failing to have a concealed weapon carry permit and assaulting a police officer with an open hand but was appealing the weapon conviction based on the Second and 14th Amendments, noted the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Rondon claimed he was a "freeman" who was not under local or federal U.S. laws.

However, he filed numerous lawsuits against the government for supposedly violating U.S. laws (that didn't apply to him).

According to News Net 5, the corners of Rondon's house and his cars were spray-painted with “Title 18 1581-241 USC," which is a U.S. code about civil rights and conspiracy.

Rondon's "freeman" theory was tested on Tuesday when Cuyahoga County Sheriff's deputies tried to serve him with a warrant for a probation violation, reports WKYC.

In response, Rondon allegedly opened fire on the deputies, who fired back and killed him.

“His views weren’t always cogent, and they were somewhat convoluted,” said attorney Jeffrey James, who knew Rondon but did not represent him. “But did I feel threatened or did anyone in the court feel threatened? No. I never felt threatened by [Rondon]. He was just an old man who had his views.”

“He basically believed in no government,” added James. “He just didn’t really put any faith or credit into any government.”

Sources: Cleveland Plain Dealer, News Net 5, WKYC


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