Watch This Protestor Get Hit With Something Cold And Wet (Video)

Michigan news station WOOD-TV caught a woman throwing a slushie at an anti-gay protester on Mother’s Day.

The protester, identified as Christine Weick, was holding a sign on the side of the road saying “Thank your mom today for not being gay.”

A woman who took offense to the sign stood around Weick for some time and reportedly made her feel uncomfortable. The woman  then threw a slushie at Weick, hitting her head and sign. The two women proceeded to yell at each other as Weick threatened to pepper spray the woman if she came any closer.

Here is video footage of the incident:

Weick was later joined on the roadside by a number of protestors who took issue with her anti-gay sign. One protestor held a sign saying “Thank your mom if you’re not a bigot. Judge not.”

Another held a sign saying “Two moms can be fabulous!”

WOOD-TV reports that numerous drivers yelled at Weick as they drove by throughout the day. One angry woman rolled down her window and said “I’m gay and I have children. I think you’re sick,” as she passed.

Weick told the news station she’s sticking to her message, though.

“Truth is hate to those that hate the truth, and this is the truth,” Weick said. “They don’t like it and they label me a hater, and it isn’t that at all. I love them enough to tell them they are on the wrong path.”


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