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Anti-Gay Pastor Arrested For Sexual Abuse Of A Teenage Boy

A pastor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been arrested after a now 21-year-old man says he was sexually abused by him, beginning five years ago.

Duane Youngblood, pastor at the Higher Call World Outreach Church, has so far been charged with corrupting a minor. According to reports, Youngblood began counseling the victim when he was a teenager in 2009, and for two-and-a-half years, Youngblood repeatedly abused the young man. The abuse allegedly happened in various parts of the church, and according to a criminal complaint, the pastor also showed the teen pornographic videos from his computer.

Youngblood, who is married with children, authored the 2006 book, “Freedom From Homosexuality: No Longer Living The Lie” which tells of his experiences and how he believes he is being used by God to “expose the plan of the enemy.”

“Through his honesty about his own life and the enemy’s plan against him, many have already been delivered from perverse sins,” reads the Amazon description of the book.

The same year that his book was published, Youngblood was accused of molesting a 15-year-old whom he was also supposed to be counseling. After that arrest, Youngblood, now a registered sex offender, was sentenced to seven years probation and a year of intermediate punishment.

Reports say that while Youngblood was molesting his latest victim, he asked the boy not to say anything because he “didn’t want to get into trouble.”

Sources: CBS Pittsburgh, Wonkette


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