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Anti-Gay Hate Mail: 'You And Your B*tch Wife Need To Go To Where You 2 Bulldykes Got Hitched'

In August, we told you about Linda Cooper, the woman who was exiled from her Tennessee church of 60 years for supporting her lesbian daughter’s LGBT rights campaign.

Cooper’s daughter, Kat, is a detective with the Collegedale Police Department. In August, Kat and other LGBT supporters won over Collegedale legislators, and the town became the first in Tennessee to introduce same-sex benefits.

Despite all the support Kat and her family received on the internet, there was a heavy pushback to their victory from within the Collegedale community. Not only was Kat's mother Linda kicked out of her church, but many Collegedale residents openly voiced their disapproval of the city council's decision.

In the following months, Cooper says she has received more than her fair share of hate mail from angry anti-LGBT voices around the country. Cooper says the receptionists at her station have learned by now that any piece of mail addressed to Cooper without a return address is likely another hate letter. She posted her most recent letter to Facebook yesterday.

Here it is:

Image placeholder title

Cooper later posted a follow up message on her Facebook page.

"I think the individual who wrote the letter is pitiful, and it is very sad for countless reasons," she said. "It's not even necessary for me to state more. Nonetheless, it is a clear depiction of how hate and ignorance fuels violence and discrimination. Something we all need to be highly aware of at this time."

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