Anti-Gay Group Creates Scary Imaginary Phil Robertson Persecution Scenarios


The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), which opposes LGBT people, recently posted a blog page featuring the imaginary government persecution of "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson in an effort to scare people into signing a petition against gay marriage.

There is no indication that Robertson allowed NOM to use a picture of his face for this petition campaign, which is collecting email addresses.

According to, NOM manufactured several imagined scenarios in which the US government actually fines Robertson for making anti-gay statements as he did last month in GQ magazine.

The NOM petition page states that everything turned out okay for Robertson after he was reinstated by the A&E networks, which suspended him for nine days for making anti-gay remarks, but then adds:

...Imagine that the situation didn't involve a high-powered lobby and busy-body "thought police." Imagine instead that Phil had been up against the full force of the government and the actual police.

...Imagine that it hadn't been a network with the mere ability to hire and fire. Imagine instead that the man-in-charge was a federal judge, able to saddle Phil with criminal "hate-speech" charges, civil rights violations, and onerous fines.

...Imagine that it wasn't just a Hollywood clique and cabal disapproving of a certain celebrity's Christian values. Imagine instead a new State regime wherein those values were the legal and cultural equivalent of racism, and any citizen expressing those values was subject to punishment.

NOM doesn't mention that Robertson compared gay people to terrorists and claimed black people were "happy" living under racist Jim Crow laws for a century.

However, NOM does warn:

If marriage is redefined nationwide, traditional views and values like Phil Robertson expresses will be forced from the public square and even possibly made grounds for criminal action!

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