Anti-Gay Christian Leader Can't Say How Gay Marriage Affects Him Personally (Video)


Family Research Council president Tony Perkins appeared on Fox News Sunday with Ted Olson, a former attorney for President George W. Bush in the historic 2000 presidential election case, to discuss gay marriage.

“Marriage is not to affirm adults, it’s for the protection of children,” claimed Perkins, noted (video below).

In response, Olson brought up the children of gay couples.

“They deserve the right to equality, and the same respect and decency that other people have that are living right next door,” Olson noted.

“You and your wife live happily in this house,” Fox News host Chris Wallace asked Perkins. “There’s a same-sex couple living here. What’s the damage to you?”

Perkins tried to avoid the question by replying, “Let’s talk about the wedding vendors that have been put out of business."

“I’m not talking about that. That’s a different issue," asked Wallace. "I’m asking you, what’s the impact on you and your family to have these people living next to you.”

However, Perkins couldn't give one example of how a gay couple living next door to him would actually affect his life, instead he switched his answer to the schools.

"Let's talk about my children, all of a sudden in school, my children are taught morals and values that contradict what I teach at home," claimed Perkins.

According to U.S. News, Perkins told his FRC supporters in 2009 via email that he taught his kids at home.

"As a homeschooling parent myself, I understand the desire to give children an environment that affirms traditional values. The government has eliminated God from the classroom and too often replaced Him with an anti-life, anti-family curriculum that misses life's deepest meaning," stated Perkins.

Perkins, a longtime foe of public education, tried to raise money by launching a conspiracy theory against Common Core educational standards in August.

Perkins demonized Common Core by calling it "Obamacore" and claiming it “attacks on religious values and freedoms” and will make sure that “children are indoctrinated with a liberal ideology that celebrates sexual perversion, worships the creation rather than the Creator, all at the expense of academic achievement and our nation’s Christian heritage.”

Perkins didn't provide any proof of his wild claims.

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