Anti-Gay Activist John Stemberger: Boy Scouts Shouldn't Talk About Sex

OnMyHonor.Net founder John Stemberger, who opposes a resolution allowing openly-gay Boy Scouts, recently made several bizarre claims in an open letter to pro-gay scouting advocates, noted GoodAsYou.org.

Stemberger wrote: "Openly gay Boy Scouts who will likely want to be treated like everyone else will instead need to be tented separately and thus singled out and treated differently. The complexity of sleeping arrangements will create a myriad of social and legal liability challenges."

However, there is no proof that openly Boy Scouts will "need to be tented separately," if they are allowed in the Boy Scouts.

Stemberger also claimed that the proposed resolution will somehow rob parents of their "sole authority" to discuss sex with their boys, however does not cite where that "sole authority" is written in law.

He also writes that parents "should have the exclusive right to raise issues about sex and sexuality with their children" and sex should "not [be] brought up by other older boys."

However, it's highly unlikely a universal gag order could be passed into law as Stemberger seems to advocate.

"The proposed resolution robs parents of the sole authority to raise issues of sex and sexuality with their kids. Parents should have the exclusive right to raise issues about sex and
sexuality with their children in their own time and in their own way, in the privacy of their
homes; not brought up by other older boys around a campfire," writes Stemberger.

Sources: GoodAsYou.org and OnMyHonor.net


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