Anti-Gay Activist Claims He Can Spot Gay People by Sight (Video)

Last week on his radio show, American Family Association president Tim Wildmon told his listeners that he could spot gay people, whom he strongly objects to.

"Out in public, I can tell ya who is gay," Wildmon proudly stated, notes GoodAsYou.org (video below).

"I don't go walk up to 'em and say, 'You're gay aren't ya?'" said Wildmon. "But they have these effeminate actions. They walk like a girl, a lot of 'em. I'm just being honest, this is what everybody says, maybe nobody talks about publicly. And it just makes you wonder, 'How did that develop?'"

His guest anti-gay author Linda Harvey chimed in, "You'll watch Hollywood movies and television shows, and it seems as though males are being feminized... It's the metro-sexual thing... It's very wrong... It's definitely pulling people away from the Biblical model of malehood and womanhood."

Wildmon also slammed President Obama last week by claiming Republicans would have impeached him if he were a Republican.

"If a [Republican] president had done what Obama has done, they would be told, 'You gotta go... you can 't do this,'" said Wildmon, notes the Examiner.

However, Wildmon did not actually list any impeachable offenses against President Obama.

Sources: Examiner and GoodAsYou.org


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