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Anti-Black Lives Matter Protest Turns Violent (Video)

An anti-Black Lives Matter protest by an unidentified church group at Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant turned violent on Oct. 31 (video below).

"They knew what they were doing as soon as they got there, and there was nothing we could have done," Ralontae Whorley, a SOSU student, told KXII.

One of the protester's shirts read: "Muhammad is in hell."

The protesters' signs stated: "BLM Are Racist Thugs," and "BLM Rent A Riot."

There were also signs about repenting, and quotes from the Bible.

Sarah Schuller, another student, added: "They were saying that we were going to go to Hell or some other sort of damnation of that sort."

Charles Jackson, a third student, said: "And he was saying one out of three of [black people] all have STDs. He was counting 1, 2, 3 STD."

Jackson recalled the church group saying: "If you support Black Lives Matter, you're a racist, you're going to hell"

The racial tension surrounding the protest soon turned physical.

Jackson described the scene:

One of the football players wanted to take the sign from them, and so it got people riled up and they started crossing the barricade. And so it started causing tension, and people trying to hold him back which caused more tension.

"One thing led to another, people ended up getting into it, and it almost led to fighting, and it was a bunch of crazy stuff going on," Lyanna Williams, a student, told KTEN.

"It appeared to me that they had a message of hate, that upset some of the students, and we can't have that, we can't have the health, safety, and welfare of our students compromised," SOSU President Sean Burrage stated.

Burrage has called for an investigation to see how the group got on campus.

"After talking to some of our leaders on campus, [the leader of the group] used all the right kind of mechanisms to get his way in here," Schuller told KXII. "He applied. He claimed he was just going to be preaching so no one really knew that it was going to be like this."

"I'm a firm believer in God and all I can do is pray for them people," Whorley said. "God bless them. I pray they find God. That's it."

Sources: KXII, KTEN / Photo credit: KXII via YouTube

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