Anti-Black Friday, Pro-Ferguson Protests in Several Cities (Video)


Anti-Black Friday marches with pro-Ferguson themes popped up across the country last Friday.

A massive protest in San Francisco filled the streets of the Mission District and shut down part of the BART train system for an hour.

In one widely circulated video (below), a police officer was hit with a construction sign.

The police arrested 14 people, but most of the demonstrators were non-violent and shouted, "No more police shootings" and other slogans as they marched.

More than 100 people protested at a busy shopping mall near St. Louis by laying down on the floor.

"This is no longer a protest, it's an uprising," Kymone Freeman, a protester wearing a plastic pig snout, told USA Today. Some mall workers cheered the protesters, who yelled, "No justice, no peace," while a few stores pulled down their security gates.

Later, 16 people were charged with disturbing the peace and one demonstrator was also charged with third-degree assault on a police officer and resisting arrest, noted KDSK.

More than 200 protesters in Seattle chanted, "Hands up, don't shoot" and "Black lives matter" while marching through the city, blocking traffic and closing down a bus tunnel for about an hour.

When the protesters went into a local mall it closed early, but a tree lighting event started earlier than planned to avoid the demonstrators.

Police reportedly arrested five people and used pepper spray and percussion grenades on protesters.

Another 200 people gathered near a popular shopping area in Chicago for "a day of awareness and engagement."

Five people were arrested outside Macy's in New York City after about 150 demonstrators blocked traffic.

In Oregon, the Portland Professional Protesters performed a “die in” in the middle of a street. In response, the police conducted a mass arrest, which included three journalists (video below).

Sources: USA Today, KDSK


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