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Anthony Thomas Applies for Job at Ocala Citgo Gas Station, Then Robs It (Video)

It’s safe to say that Anthony Thomas, 33, may not be the brightest crayon in the box. What may have seemed like a flawless plan in the beginning, didn't end up going too well in the end.

Thomas casually strolled into the Ocala Citgo in Marion County, Florida on Tuesday morning and began to fill out a job application. The opportune moment presented itself when the counter employee walked away, and Thomas reached over, snagging a stack of cash from the register.

All would have gone smoothly, if, say, Thomas hadn’t written his real personal information all over his application. Police tracked him down using the info Thomas so willingly provided, and he now “faces charges of burglary, theft and resisting arrest with violence,” reports the Ocala Star Banner. Thomas was arrested still in possession of most of the $130 he stole from the gas station.

"I did not go into no cash register to get no money," Thomas later told a reporter. "I didn't rob no store."

Of course not.

Sources: Gawker, Ocala Star Banner


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