Anthony Ortolani, Man Who Left Dog on Mountain, Faces Animal Cruelty Charges

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The man who left his injured dog on a mountain in Colorado faces animal cruelty charges, according to Discovery. Anthony Ortolani left his dog Missy after a snowstorm approached and had no way of carrying her to safety. 

Ortolani, his friend, and Missy were hiking on Mt. Beirstadt. Ortolani explained: 

"Missy was hurt during an attempt at crossing the Sawtooth. It was Missy, a friend and I. Her paws got bloodied up right in the belly of the sawtooth. I was assisting her with the climb using ropes and a harness for a while but she kept getting hurt worse. A few kind hikers stopped and offered some assistance but incoming weather pushed people off of the saddle. My friend and I realized that we could not get Missy up the saddle to Evans or Bierstadt safely so we decided to bail off of the saddle into the valley between the two mountains to escape the incoming clouds.

We were lowering her for a while with ropes from boulder to boulder but she was hurting herself worse against the rocks sprawling out and catching them with her legs. Eventually she just stopped standing or moving at all and I knew she was pretty badly hurt. I picked her up on my shoulders and was hopping from boulder to boulder but I couldn't keep her on me. I dropped her once and I almost fell once too and I realized that I couldn't carry her off of the mountain. At this point I made the decision that I honestly never thought I would even be faced with. I left her there so that my friend and I could get down safely with intentions of calling S&R when we were off of the mountian."

The two attempted to call 911, but they soon found out that mountain rangers were not allowed to send rescues for dogs. 

Six days later, hikers discovered Missy on the mountain. Because they had difficulty carrying her, they called a rescue team. Missy was taken to a veterinarian who said she suffered from minor, non-permanent injuries. 

Ortolani is set to attend trial in October. 


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