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Anthony Cardenas Paints Crosswalk, Charged with Felony (Video)

Anthony Cardenas tried to hand-paint his own crosswalk last Thursday morning at a busy intersection in Vallejo, California (video below).

Cardenas was charged with felony vandalism, but has become a local hero to pedestrians.

“I tried helping my community out,” Cardenas told CBS Sacramento. “I got tired of seeing people get run over here all the time.”

“Traffic division said there hadn’t been any pedestrian-involved collisions in that area, so they’re not sure what safety-related issues he was referring to,” said Vallejo Police Lt. John Whitney.

The intersection already has three crosswalks, but lacks a fourth for reasons unknown. That was the crosswalk that Cardenas wanted to add, but it was removed by CalTrans.

Cardenas faces charges that could land him in state prison (with violent criminals) and has to pay $1,000 for the removal of his crosswalk.

Source: CBS Sacramento


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