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Another Preschooler Brings Loaded Gun To School In Backpack

A preschooler in Georgia’s Spalding County walked into school carrying a loaded gun on Tuesday, the school’s principal told parents in a letter today.

The child was carrying the weapon in a backpack. Another student found out about the gun and told a teacher at Jordan Hill Road Elementary School (pictured), said Judy Parker, spokesperson for Griffin-Spalding County schools.

The teacher then brought the gun, along with the child who was carrying it, to the office of Principal Anthony Aikens, who called the child’s parents. The young student was reportedly disciplined, but exactly how that discipline was carried out has not been made public.

In his letter to all of the school’s parents, Aikens urged them to “please, keep all weapons out of the reach of children.”

He noted that “we can avoid disciplinary action by each of you talking with your student about appropriate behavior at school,” adding that at no time were the kids at the school in danger.

No details were released as to how the child came into possession of the loaded weapon, to whom the gun belonged or why it was brought onto school grounds by the preschooler.

Earlier this year, a 4-year-old boy walked into a preschool in Maine with a loaded gun in his backpack. In that case, workers at Rollins Family Child Care Center came across the weapon while searching for an article of clothing for the child.

The boy’s father turned out to be the owner of that gun, though the father refused to cooperate with investigators trying to figure out how it got into the boy’s bag.

SOURCES: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Associated Press, WMTW News 8


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