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Another Person Burned Themselves Throwing Boiling Water Into The Air (Video)

Earlier this week we told you that people across the country are burning themselves while throwing pots of boiling water into frigid air.

The trick, if you will, has become popularized on the internet in recent weeks. After boiling up a pot of water, people record themselves as they step outside and toss the water into the air. The freezing temperatures quickly act on the scalding water and turn it into a snow-like cloud of mist. It looks cool, but it’s also really dangerous. As people are finding out, unpredictable winds often blow that boiling water right back at them, often resulting in serious burns.

Wisconsin woman Crystal Wallem is the latest to be burned by the trick. On Monday, she filled up a large bucket with several gallons of water and went outside to toss it in the air. But after doing so, all the water blew right back on her and left her with severe burns on her back.

“It hurt so bad. I was probably the worst pain I have ever felt,” Wallem said. “At least for the scars to go away, if they go away at all, it could take up to a year. It should take a few weeks for it to heal enough to the point I don’t have bandages on.”

While Wallem was in the hospital being treated for her burns, her father noticed something ironic. The Weather Channel was showing people having fun with the same boiling water trick that landed his daughter in the hospital.

“I’m watching the Weather Channel and there’s a guy doing it right on Television and it’s like, people, if you saw my daughter’s back, you’d stop doing this,” father Scott Wallem said. "For somebody her age, it’s fine to try it but just be careful — but little kids are on social media and little kids are on Facebook. We have to be careful what we put out there.”

Here is a video showing Wallem's burns:

Please do your skin a favor and skip out on this little craze everyone is so infatuated with right now.

Sources: Fox 6 Now, Fox 4 KC


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