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Enquirer Publishes 'Natalee Holloway Body Found' Story

These stories always kind of bother me. They bother me because they make it seem like Natalee Holloway's body has been discovered, when we really know it has not.

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I guess the people who write The Enquirer just think people will buy it and not ask any questions. They have an article posted which says that Joran Van Der Sloot's laptop has been recovered by the FBI and that it tells exactly where Natalee's body is hidden.

They also provide a picture of a tomb and an arrow which presumably is where the body is. Umm, then how come no one has gone in and opened the tomb? It just does not make any sense. The story says that Joran buried her body in a shallow grave and then moved it into a tomb that already had another body.

If the information was really on the laptop, it would take about five minutes for the FBI to find it and another hour or two to get the tomb opened.

None of this has happened so I am not sure why The Enquirer is even reporting this other than to sell papers. Is Natalee Holloway still a big seller?


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