Another Man Fatally Shot By Albuquerque Police, Family Disputes Police Chief’s Claims (Video)


Albuquerque police were involved in another fatal shooting Tuesday night, hours after hundreds protested the March 16th police shooting of a homeless man who was camping in an unauthorized area.

The Albuquerque Police Department is currently under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice for its use of force. This is now the 23rd suspect fatally shot by APD since 2010.

Police were responding to a 911 call after 10 p.m. Tuesday, Police Chief Gorden Eden told KOAT.

Eden said the suspect reportedly had a child at gunpoint. After officers set up a perimeter, the suspect allegedly fired on police. They fired back, fatally injuring the man.

Witness say that’s not what happened.

Family and neighbors identified the man as Alfred Redwine, 30. Witnesses, including Redwine’s sister told the ABQ Journal that he was holding a gun to his own head and never pointed it or shot at officers.

A neighbor had called police because she said Redwine had threatened a 12-year-old girl with a gun; witnesses at the scene dispute that claim.

His sister, Tammy Redwine, arrived on the scene, after getting a call from her mother, and tried to talk her brother out of the house over the phone.

Witnesses say Redwine exited his southwest Albuquerque apartment while holding a gun to his head and a cellphone to his ear. His two teenage nephews were walking with him, their arms held up.

“As I was still talking to him, the lieutenant ripped the phone from my hand, and hung it up,” Tammy Redwine said.

She said her brother dropped his arms, in what she said was a gesture of surrender. Then she heard gun shots.

“I watched him fall. As I saw him fall, I could see his shirt turning red, and I knew the lieutenant lied to me,” she said. “They used live rounds.”

Wynema Gonzagowski, a neighbor who let Tammy Redwine use her phone to speak with her brother, says she heard everything they discussed.

“She [the sister] tells him [a police officer] ‘I’ve got my brother on the phone. I’m talking to him. He wants to come out. He’s scared. He’s going to send the boys out and then he’s going to follow them out.’”

Gonzagowski says Tammy “kept telling her brother over and over ‘They’re not going to shoot you, they’re not going to shoot you. They’re not going to hurt you.’”

“The cop tells her to tell him to drop the cell phone, so obviously the cop knew he had a cell phone in his hand," Gonzagowski said. "She starts to tell [her brother] to drop the cell phone, and the cop grabs the phone out of her hand and hangs it up. He hung it up. He could have talked with the guy and told the guy himself to drop the cell phone, but he hung up.”

“It is the chief of police who is lying,” Tammy Redwine said. “How could the chief of police lie like that?”

Sources: ABQ Journal, KOAT, ABC News


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