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NYC Cops Shoot Elderly Man During Drug Raid

By Radley Balko

Drug raid in New York City. Police got the right house, found their suspect, and found a supply of heroin. But during the raid, one officer apparently accidentally shot the suspect's father, 76-year-old Jose Colon, in the stomach. Colon is expected to survive.

Strangely, when someone first sent me this story last night, I actually thought it was an old story. I vaguely remembered writing about another New York raid involving someone by the name of "Jose Colon". Sure enough. In 2002, a graphic arts student named Jose Colon was accidentally shot and killed during a drug raid in the Long Island town of Bellport. According to police, that Colon was killed when an officer tripped over a tree root as the raid team approached the house. Police say he then fell into the officer in front of him, causing that officer's gun to fire three times, striking Colon in the head as he emerged from the targeted house. Colon was not a suspect, and had no criminal record. The police found eight ounces of marijuana in the house.


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