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Another Innocent Family Terrorized by Police Over Pot

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By "Radical" Russ Belville

Just another one of the 100-150 paramilitary acts of terrorism perpetrated every day on American citizens over marijuana.  This one makes the papers because it took place at the wrong address.–Cops-targeted-wrong-address–rousted-my-family

SPRING VALLEY [NY] — A village resident said that police conducting drug raids early this morning targeted the wrong house where they roused his family out bed, pointed a machine gun at his 13-year-old daughter and threatened to shoot their poodle.

The raids were conducted by the Spring Valley police and the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

David McKay said he, his wife, 13-year-old daughter and his brother-in-law were sleeping at 5:30 a.m. when they heard banging on the door of their townhouse at 36 Sharon Drive. When they went to open the door, at least 10 police officers forced their way into the home, he said.

“They pulled me outside in the freezing cold in my underwear, manhandle my wife, point a gun at my daughter and they won’t even tell me what they are doing in my house,” said McKay. “It was terrifying and humiliating beyond belief.”

McKay, who has worked for the Rockland sewer department for more than 13 years, is also a foster parent and involved in community activities.

McKay said the officers forced his wife, Jamie, and daughter out of their beds. The family’s dogs were barking and police threatened to shoot them, McKay said.

When it was reported in Huffington Post, it was entitled Police Terrorize 13-Year-Old Girl In Botched Pot Bust, Family Says. There was nothing “botched” about this raid whatsoever; it is completely standard procedure to break down doors, shoot pets, and terrorize children in the name of ferreting out marijuana users, sellers, and growers.

Later in the story, McKay overhears the officers talking about a different address, a place just down the street.  He then sees the officers at that location executing the raid at its correct address.  This was part of an indictment of 26 people who had been alleged to smuggle around 1,000 kg of cannabis around the local area since mid-2006.  Wow.  After five years, 10lbs of marijuana per week just got removed from underground economy in the greater New York area and only one innocent family had to be terrorized.  Do you all feel safer now?


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