Second Teacher Who Ran 'Baby Fight Club' Found Guilty


Another former Virginia daycare teacher has been convicted of running a “baby fight club.”

Kierra Spriggs, 26, was found guilty on four felony counts of child cruelty and two misdemeanor counts of assault and battery, NBC Washington reports.

The jury is currently deliberating her sentence, which may be up to five years in prison on each felony and up to 12 months on each misdemeanor count.

The presiding judge may alter the sentence once it is given to the court.

In 2013, while Spriggs worked at Minnieland Academy at The Glen in Woodbridge, Virginia, she helped organize a “baby fight club,” prosecutor Ashleigh Landers said, by inflicting pain on 2-year-old children for the amusement of teachers.

The alleged abuse included stomping on children’s bare toes, dunking them in a portable pool, spraying water in their faces with hoses, refusing to change diapers, and snapping rubber bands on their hands and feet, according to The New York Daily News.

The abuse went on for at least six months.

Two other teachers who were in the classroom with Spriggs testified that she mistreated the children, including instigating a fight between twin sisters, NBC Washington reports.

The other teacher involved with Spriggs in the “baby fight club” was 31-year-old Sarah Jordan. She was convicted in January on similar charges and faces up to 41 years in prison.

Sources: NBC Washington, The New York Daily News / Photo credit: NBC Washington

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