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Anonymous Police Officer Buys Gas For Pregnant Woman Struggling To Save Money

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A deputy in Georgia paid it forward by generously picking up the tab at a gas station for a pregnant woman struggling to save money for her family.

On Thursday, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office shared on Facebook the story of the officer, who requested to remain anonymous, and his generous act of kindness. The woman whose gas was paid for said the officer overheard her on the phone while in line to pay for gas.

“I was supposed to pay my mom back $100, but she told me to save it for when I'm on maternity leave for 6 weeks,” she explained. She was left with no choice but to use money that she and her fiancé had been saving for their forthcoming baby. She explained to her fiancé on the phone why she had to use their money.

“Well I was scraping for money in my car so I could put some more gas into it,” she said. “I need gas to get home tonight.”

During the conversation, the deputy in front of her decided to do the right thing and pay for the $10 in gas she needed so that she could save money.

After realizing what had happened, the woman ran out the door to track down the officer and thank him, but he’d already left. She subsequently took to social media to try and track him down.

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Her story soon went viral, prompting the department to identify the officer and share the heartwarming story.

“This one will warm your hearts,” the post read. “After some brief investigating.. we tracked down our deputy who this message is about. He was reluctant to admit he was the deputy from this incident, so we will allow him to stay anonymous. He said ‘She just seemed like she needed some help. It was the right thing to do.’ We are proud to work alongside men and women like this deputy.”

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Sources: My Fox Philly, Facebook

Photo Credit: My Fox Philly


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