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'Anonymous' Member Matthew DeHart Claims Torture by FBI Agents

Canada is reportedly trying to deport Matthew DeHart, who says he is one of the original founding members of the hacktivist group "Anonymous."

DeHart claims that he was drugged, subjected to psychological torture and questioned by FBI agents while in custody in the U.S. in 2010 because of national security information that was leaked by Anonymous.

However, the U.S. government says DeHart is being pursued on child pornography charges, which he denies, noted the National Post.

DeHart was released on bail from a Canadian jail in August after being held for almost five months. He lives in his parents’ Toronto, Canada home and is under GPS monitoring.

He was originally arrested by U.S. border agents in 2010 while trying to drive to Charlottetown, Canada. He was charged with manufacturing and distributing child pornography.

Three years later, DeHart successfully fled to Canada with his parents, where the three asked for refugee protection on April 3, 2013, however, the young man was arrested by Canadian authorities.

While living in America, DeHart reportedly had Top Secret clearance while he was in the Air National Guard.

DeHart says he obtained a leaked government document relating to the national security of the United States and leaked it as a member of Anonymous.

The hacker claims that is why he is really being prosecuted in the U.S. and the child pornography charges are a ruse for FBI agents to investigate him for espionage.

Source:National Post


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