Anonymous Man Covers Bill For Entire Class Of Special Needs Students


A group of special-education high school students in Pittsburg, Kansas, received an amazing act of kindness from a stranger.

Special education teacher Melissa Kinney took her students to Cici's Pizza in Joplin, Missouri, on Sept. 29 after their bowling practice for the Special Olympics.

After paying the bill, the group was given a full refund because an anonymous man had paid it in full.

"I’m just astonished, overwhelmed and kind of excited that somebody would want to do that for staff and students of special needs," Kinney said.

The assistant manager of the Cici's location said that people have bought individual buffets for others before, but they have never seen anything of this magnitude. The bill was for about 14 people, so the kind stranger paid at least $100.

Kinney said it took fundraisers for the students to be able to make the trip in the first place, so the kindness of that man will allow for another outing with the students, which the teacher says will be beneficial for them.

"They get out into the community, interact with the community, and feel like they're a part," she said.

This story comes soon after a Chicago McDonald's employee was spotted going above and beyond to help a disabled man by cutting his food up for him and feeding it to him.

Sources: KOAM, KTLA / Photo credit: Screenshot via KOAM


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