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"Anonymous" Hackers Back Down on Mexican Drug Cartel Threat

The international computer hacking group "Anonymous" is backing down against threats it made to expose members of the Zetas drug cartel.

As Opposing Views reported on Monday, last month the hackers made a video saying it would reveal the names of cartel members, as well as their allies in law enforcement and the media, unless the cartel released a member of its group which it kidnapped.

But now the New York Daily News is reporting that the hackers are backing down, fearing that the cartel could kill its members as well as others.

"We didn't want irresponsible administrators to condemn participants to death,” Anonymous said in a statement to a Mexican newspaper.

The decision comes after a report from a security company called Stratfor, which initially reported the hacker threat, that said the cartel was gearing up for violent reaction. 

"We have seen reports that Los Zetas are deploying their own teams of computer experts to track those individuals involved in the online anti-cartel campaign, which indicates that the criminal group is taking the campaign very seriously," Stratfor tactical analyst Ben West said in a video released by the company. "Those individuals involved face the risk of abduction, injury and death, judging by how Los Zetas has dealt with threats in the past."


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