Anonymous Donor Pays Off $50,000 In Walmart Layaway Accounts


The layaway angel strikes again.

A Good Samaritan in Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania gave an enormous holiday to gift to shoppers recently when he paid off every customer’s layaway account with the store. According to store reps, the anonymous man dropped a $50,000 check off at the store and told clerks to balance every outstanding layaway with it.

Shopper Tanisha Burton found out about the incredibly kind gesture when she went to pay off her account. Instead of paying her $200 balance, she was told that “Santa B” had already taken care of it.

"It was definitely a surprise, and a blessing," Burton told Penn Live.

Store manager Steve Myers says the generous donor wanted to stay anonymous.

"He said he wanted to help take care of folks – to bring everyone a special Christmas," Myers says.

One customer with a layaway account, Eric Staub, first heard about the donation from a friend’s Facebook post. When he got to the Walmart, he learned that he too was a beneficiary of the layaway angel.

"I said jokingly on the way here that maybe ours would be too," Staub recalls. "I wonder what bills can we put that towards.”

Surprisingly, the donor’s $50,000 gift isn’t the biggest in Walmart history. Two similar donations of $51,000 and $59,000 were given in Florida recently, Penn Live reports. Regardless, the extremely kind gift had a huge impact on a lot of people.

“It was a shock to a lot of customers,” assistant manager Tiawanna Brook said. “It was definitely a cheerful moment.”

Sources: Penn Live, The Blaze / Photo Credit: Wikipedia


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