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Anonymous Claims To Be Investigating The Murder Of Jessica Chambers

Hacktivist group Anonymous has reportedly taken to Twitter to reveal information they say could solve the murder of Jessica Chambers.

According to Inquisitr, members of Anonymous have blasted police in Mississippi in the days following Chambers’ gruesome murder in which she was burned alive near her vehicle. The Hacktivist group reportedly says that police have dropped the ball in their investigation, so instead of waiting for authorities to piece things together, they decided to launch an investigation of their own.

On December 12, a member of Anonymous first posted information as part of their investigation that they say could link a local gang to the girl’s brutal murder. They started the Twitter account “OperationJessicaC” as a platform to release information about their findings.

After their initial tweet, many social media accounts were hacked and it was discovered that Chambers may have had ties to a known gang member. Anonymous also claims that the gas station where Chambers was last seen is a breeding ground for gang activity.

Police seem to be silent about their own investigation and have yet to comment on Anonymous’ mission, but as The Inquisitr notes, “Anonymous does not have access to the police files, and cannot be certain who has been questioned or what is being done with this information.”

While Anonymous continues their investigation into the brutal murder of Jessica Chambers, the world waits to see what new information may be released both by the group and by local police.

Sources:Inquisitr, WebPro News, Daily Stormer / Photo Source:KTLA, Heavy


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