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As Anniversary Nears, Tribute to 9-Year-Old Tucson Shooting Victim

WASHINGTON -- The Brady Campaign announced that Dana Ressler, an aunt of Christina Taylor-Green, has spoken out forcefully against gun violence in a tribute to her 9-year-old niece on the tribute page. The tribute page was set up as part of the national effort to honor and remember loved ones lost to gun violence on January 8, 2012. January 8 marks one year since Christina and five others were shot and killed at a Safeway parking lot in Tucson, AZ. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 12 others were shot and wounded during the Congresswoman's "Congress on Your Corner" event. Christina, who was born September 11, 2001, was interested in civic affairs and had been brought to the event by her neighbor, Suzi Hileman. Hileman also was wounded in the shooting but survived.

In her tribute, Ressler said, “What has to change is the senselessness of such acts across the country. We miss Christina every day….It would have been so much better to have her here with us, with her family, growing into the beautiful young person that she was to become.”

The Brady Campaign's Acting President Dennis Henigan expressed gratitude for Ressler’s tribute and reiterated what he said in a recent Huffington Post blog, "By sharing her tribute to Christina, Dana is helping us serve notice that we will not allow our loved ones to be forgotten. We will not allow our just cause to be shelved as 'too difficult'. We will light a candle to affirm that every life is precious and worthy, and already, far too many have been lost."

The Brady Campaign announced last week the participation of another American connected to the Tucson shootings. Daniel Hernandez, who was an intern for Rep. Giffords on that tragic day, has pledged to light a candle on January 8. Hernandez courageously ran toward the shots when they rang out, quickly aiding the Congresswoman. He is credited with helping to save her life. Hernandez is featured in a poster on

In addition to Hernandez, Plaxico BurressMarcellus WileyRev. Al SharptonComedian Lewis Black,Tucson Hero Daniel HernandezVirginia Tech Shooting Survivor Colin GoddardActor Michael Douglas, and thousands of other Americans who have had enough of the heartbreak generated by preventable gun violence, have pledged to light candles on January 8.

Last week, the Too Many Victims campaign also announced the location and time of the Washington, D.C. vigil and released a video, How Many Are Too Many?to communicate in numbers the toll that gun violence has taken on the nation.  Gun violence has claimed a staggering number of lives, including an estimated 579,411, since the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated in 1968.

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