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Anna Fermanova Gets 4 Months in Jail for Smuggling Rifle Scopes

A Latvian-born woman caught at Kennedy Airport trying to smuggle high-tech rifle scopes to Russia was sentenced to four months in jail, plus four months house arrest.

"I'm extremely sorry for what I did. It was a very foolish and a very stupid act," Anna Fermanova told the judge at federal court in Brooklyn, New York on Monday.

Wiping away tears, the New York Post reports that the 24-year-old told the judge her sole motivation was to earn "a little more cash."

However prosecutors pointed out that Fermanova, who has dual Latvian-U.S. citizenship, admitted that she had done this twice previously without being caught.

The judge took that into account, saying, "This is a very serious offense. She did this at least two other times - this isn't a one-time affair."

The scopes in question were of the military-grade, night-vision variety that require a special license by the government to be exported. When she was arrested at JFK last year, Fermanova had several of them in her luggage with their serial numbers scratched off.

Her lawyer said they were bound for rich hunters in Russia, but prosecutors feared that they could eventually land in the hands of terrorists.

"There is a valid national security risk," Assistant US Attorney Seth DuCharme told the judge.

Fermanova, who drew comparisons to Russian "Femme Fatale" spy Anna Chapman, works as a beautician in Dallas.


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