Ankara Alvarado Accused Of Shooting Sister Over Facebook Feud


A 28-year-old Kentucky woman has been arrested for allegedly shooting her half-sister on Wednesday.

Police responded to a call from a trailer home in Dover where they found 24-year-old Arica Woodruff with a gunshot wound to her head. She is now in critical condition at the University of Kentucky Hospital in Lexington.

Her 28-year-old half-sister Ankara Alvarado was charged with attempted murder.

“All initial information we have is in reference to a social media argument between these two,” Sheriff Patrick Boggs told LEX 18.

Mason County investigators say they aren’t sure what the dispute was over.

Alvarado’s neighbor Rodney Woodruff, whose relative is Arica’s former husband, told LEX 18 that he heard shots from his home.

“That’s what’s wrong with this world right now is Facebook,” said Woodruff. “Everybody knows your business on there. You put anything on Facebook everybody knows it.”

Alvarado is being held at Mason County Dentention Center in leiu of $50,000 bond. She is expected to appear in court on Oct. 14.

Sources: Raw Story, LEX 18


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