Animals Win at the Oscars


The Oscar speeches may be over, but there are still some shout-outs left to send.

You can't talk about this year's winners without mentioning glowing vegan mom-to-be Natalie Portman, who gracefully accepted the Best Actress Award for Black Swan. A faux-fur and -leather fan, Natalie is in good company with Best Actress in a Supporting Role winner Melissa Leo, who wore a dress by cruelty-free designer Marc Bouwer. Melissa wasn't faking her surprise and excitement, but she wisely fakes her fur

The fact that The Social Network composer Trent Reznor took home an Oscar for Original Score was music to animals' ears. Reznor spoke out against the fur industry's use of cat and dog skins in a video that he narrated for PETA.

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Co-host and Best Actor nominee James Franco is a cat person, too, as he shows in this sweet picture. And co-host Anne Hathaway's vegetarian diet no doubt helped keep her physique sleek and ready for all those costume changes.

If your animals, like mine, dozed off during the show, they'll be happy to hear the animal-friendly results.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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