Animals Get the Star Treatment


The stars are out and shining for animal causes. Here are some of the inspiring things they're doing:

AtomicPope/cc by2.0

  • Ryan Phillippe made his son's (and a dog's) day by adopting a shelter mutt.
  • Outraged by the slaughter of 100 sled dogs in British Columbia, Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder started his own foundation and is lobbying for stronger cruelty-to-animals laws.
  • Project Runway's Nina Garcia wanted to start Rachel Zoe's baby off on a compassionate foot with a faux-fur baby blanket.
  • Katherine Heigl saved a puppy from being bait for a dogfighting ring and added to her family of rescued pooches. Lea Blacktold her Real Housewives co-star that real meat from real pigs is really cruel.
  • Josh Altman said that adopting a rescued dog is a million-dollar idea.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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