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Animals Emit 80 Percent of Methane Gas That Harms the Environment; Can Herbs Help?

Scientists believe about 80 percent of ecologically harmful methane gas released into the environment is produced by animals and that dairy animals are among the largest group of offenders.

In a recent study at the Banaras Hindu University, researchers claim to have found more than 16 species of methanogenic bacteria — meaning those that create methane gas — in the intestines of dairy animals, who then emit them in the natural course of digestion.

This finding is of such significance that the 16 species have been registered in the Gene Bank Association of America because of the potential cumulative damage of naturally produced methane gas worldwide.

The researchers in the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying at BHU have worked on this issue for three years, the Times of India reports, and have concluded that herbal medicines are effective in lowering can lower this bacteria count when added to the animals’ diets.

The team studied the effects of herbal dietary supplements on 18 calves. Six were given food mixed with herbal medicines, another group of six was given normal food and the last group of six calves was given food mixed with allopathic medicines in different seasons. "Allopathic medicine" refers to the broad category of medical practice that is sometimes called Western or modern medicine.

The research concluded that the group of calves that had herbal medicine mixed in their food had remarkably lower count of methanogenic bacteria and improved digestion as compared to the other two groups.

Interestingly, the researchers claim that calves that were given food mixed with allopathic medicines actually had increased counts of methanogenic bacteria and also suffered weight loss.

Singh said the existence of methanogenic bacteria in the intestine of animals decreases their energy levels and decreases reproduction by 10 to 12 percent.

The research group was reported to include such notable research scholars as Ram Niwas and Umesh Babu Chaudhary. The report by the Times of India did not indicate where the findings are published. However, more information is provided at

Source: Times Of India


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