Take A Look At What This Large Pit Bull Did To A Small, Already-Hurt Chihuahua


Officers from the Savannah-Chatam Metropolitan Police Animal Control hope Joanie the pit bull and Chachi the Chihuahua will be adopted together after Joanie was found caring for Chachi.

Animal control officers found Joanie carrying Chachi around in her mouth, occasionally putting the Chihuahua down to lick its infected eye.

Chachi appreciated the attention, according to a post from the police department’s Facebook page, where the story went viral.

Since Monday, the post has been shared over 10,000 times and has attracted the attention of big names like country singer Wynonna Judd.

“It’s not every day we get to see such devotion between two special dogs like this,” Animal Control Officer Christina Sutherin said. “They are both such sweet animals. But the relationship they share sets them apart.”

Shelter veterinarians were forced to remove Chachi’s eye because of the infection, so the pair have been living separately until Chachi can heal. However, the two still get time together every day.

“Staff is amazed at the dedication and love these two have for one another,” Sutherin said.

The owner of both dogs has not come forward, so the shelter hopes that instead the two will be adopted out to the same family. According to Sutherin, neither dog seems to care about any other animal and the two appear to be soul mates.

The duo has received adoption applications from Florida, Rhode Island, California and even the United Kingdom.

Sources: The Huffington Post, ABC


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